Five years ago the Lomos family exploded spectacularly as Mom took a baseball bat to the windshield of Pops’ Dodge Charger in the parking lot of the San Antonio Amphitheater.  Mentally broken from Pops’ abuse and philandering Mom and little Anthony were carted off to Los Angeles by relatives while Pops lived the high life as a well paid Tejano musician.

Fed up with his meager wages from a local taqueria Robert decides to track his mother and baby brother down in Los Angeles. His street smart buddy Nacho has a plan to get him there, as long as they can survive the long night ahead of them.

Directed by:  Librado Lozano
Produced by:  Librado Lozano & Raymond Carter Cantrell
Written by:  Librado Lozano & Manuel Luis Martinez

Date: June 15, 2017