Finding Hope  |  Thirteen years after surviving an attempted abortion a young blind girl restores a city’s optimism with her divinely inspired artworks.

Ghede: Origins  |  The lone survivor of a hospital massacre must fight her way across a bleak landscape of inhuman mutations to make it back home to her son and daughter. 

Chubby Chasers  |  Grieving the untimely death of his partner an overweight gay man is pushed back into the dating world by his overbearing family.

The Machine & Donovan Emery  |  A secret technology offering a path to eternal life sparks a decades-long struggle between a disillusioned scientist, a crippled industrialist, and a naive youth searching for meaning in a harsh world.

Never Down N Out  |  Full of heart but low on funds, a reformed delinquent spends his days hustling fast cash for his baby daughter while living in a dilapidated shack.

The Poor Man’s Greed  |  A pile of cash found on the street allows a homeless man to buy his way back into mainstream society, only to find himself entrapped by an eccentric billionaire claiming to be the money’s rightful owner.


We Are Sypore | Sypore

Edison Award | Frito Lay

Team Award | Frito Lay

Hygiene Back | Tenet Healthcare

Great Deal | Ramey King Insurance

Cheap Coverage | Ramey King Insurance

The Hudspeth Investigation | Carmouche for Congress


The Poor Man’s GreedA homeless man’s prayers are answered when money plucked from a corpse gives him the means to buy his way back into mainstream society. Now he’ll face the only obstacle between he and his estranged family: an eccentric billionaire with a twisted philosophy who demands the money be paid back with interest.

America in the FallTorn apart by a violent racial-political Civil War, America has fractured from a United Republic into an array of half functioning city-states under mixed forms of governance. In the Nation of Texas the onetime Lone Star State has degenerated into a lawless plutocracy, the result of an uneasy truce between the Texas Independents and Tea Party militants